The trombone player is asleep
Cue the dancing elephants (made of Plasticine in a circus of straw)
The conductor sits alone on the stage just as I sit alone at home
I am busier than him
Cue numbers: 11,12,13,14,15,16,18

There are dancing lights in the crack between the door and its frame
I call for a jar full of sweets only to find a stranger had eaten them
I notice a giant sat on a tiny chair
I call for the night watch
A tick tocking proceeds across the almost empty page
Flying birds replace notes on the score – I applaud the silence
The silence becomes a snake
The silence becomes a school tie
The silence becomes a squashed courgette
The silence become a sick whirlpool (which makes itself giddy)
The silence is silenced
I call for the singing spiders
The butler enters with a jug instead of a head – he pours himself

The trombone player is now awake
I congratulate him – I never congratulate myself
Cue the makers of lifts for bungalows
The conductor is caught with a porcupine on his lap
He called the animal Alice
Cue letters: A,B,C,D,E,F,H

My cat is sat on top of the television waiting to be turned on
I never got the signal

Cue the music of empty boxes
A man walking down a dimly lit corridor meets himself coming back
The lady by the lake watches her reflection
She is trying to find out what she is thinking
She was a German spy from the last war in a story discarded in the litter bin
The bin suddenly declares war on the mantelpiece clock
However the clock is slow
Cue the silence (or as the clever man says “Lack of sound”)

I sit in a frock by the watering hole
The person next to me – who I don’t know – is holding a tap
The person next to him – who I do know – turns it on
The frock was originally plain but faces appeared as the children played
It now talks to itself
I dunk a book in my cup of tea – it is a children’s book

Cue the sound of candles flickering
A man knocks on a door which is opened by himself
The woman is in the lake holding a boat above the water
She is trying to find out what I am thinking
A skyscraper is placed on a hill top pony
By the air raid warden with a bomb in his haversack
The other characters in the story are created out of thin air
The mandarin is miraculous
The butcher is butch
The green grocer is green and the librarian well read

I sit in my studio wearing a garden
The gardener is away holding the world aloft for Atlas
Who is trying to catch worms with a fish on his hook
The man who made himself out of Meccano bends down to pick something up
It is a fallen leaf which looks like a map of the world
Fighting has broken out in several places

Time for lunch

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Poem Made From Recent Painting Titles

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A Silhouette Of Wasted Time
The Promise Of Pleasure
The View Between Hills
Multiple Realities

Upside Down Exclamation Mark
Upside Down Question Mark

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Remembering Ophelia

Remembering Ophelia

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As Usual (Following On Behind)

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Looking Down Instead Of Looking Up - Alternative

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