An Introduction To My Pseudonyms (Called The Country Boys, The Circe Brotherhood Or The Famous Four And A Half)

My pseudonyms (alter egos and anti egos) are also characters in my writings and produce art works which are exhibited independently of my own. They create paintings in a variety of styles and also sculptures and assemblages as well as other more experimental art forms (some of which were extremely novel when first realised). There are four original Country Boys plus a number of “interlopers”. They have mostly come into existence from 1975 onwards.

Manfred Wing is a cross between Just William and Jimi Hendrix; in reflective monents I consider him to represent my hippie stage but he appears in stories as an impossible super hero (nuclear bomb firing catapult for example). He produces paintings of a surrealistic nature. He was named in 1975 but probably existed a long time before that.

Simple Simon (originally Simon King or King Simon) is a Flashman/Falstaff type character in stories but has evolved as an artist. Initially creating graffiti type art works using unusual media and surfaces – pencil on planks for example – he has now split in two with the second version (called Simple Simon) doing versions of my art works, again using strange materials: jigsaws, pegboards etc. etc.. He was created first in 1978, then resurrected in 1986 and again quite recently in his latest avatar. He now aspires to return to his originally anti-art styles (these were actually exhibited in London in 1990).

Peter “Rabbit” White is fat sleepy character who accidentally discovers things (thus initiating adventures) and also collects absolutely anything in vast quantities. As an artist he created environmental, action and conceptual art. Unfortunately the vast majority of these pieces have been lost. He also made assemblages and sculptures but these were siphoned off (to his immense chagrin!) as the works of two other artists – I needed some extra participants for a group show! He has always been around (since the late Fifties at least) but was properly named in 1986. He may actually start working again if I gets the time – and a much larger studio!

Gerry Hattrick (or Little Gerry in most stories) represents me as a participant in my own stories. He has actually created three paintings independently of his creator. He was obviously born in 1955 but got properly recognised as a Country Boy character in the middle Eighties.

Peter Panic (or even Petronella Pan) is not a Country Boy but appears in art works from 1984 and in writings since the Nineties. He has occasionally transmogrified himself into a kind of aesthete Peter “Rabbit” White.

Paul Stuart Whitty was created in 1989/90 as a name to show the assemblages created by the aforementioned Peter “Rabbit” White. He does not appear in stories and no one else has much to do with him!

Alan Hendricks was also created in 1989/90 as another name to show the “Rabbit” sculptures. Again he does not appear in my stories and most of the sculptures have now been lost (I got someone else to do the welding anyway!).

Manfred (Manny) originally had a girlfriend called Minny and a ferret with super powers called Freda – he actually still has the latter, not sure about the former.


About Gerald Shepherd

Gerald Shepherd is a painter, graphic artist, sculptor, digital/multimedia artist, photographer, writer, curator and arts administrator. He has also been involved with science art, performance art, conceptual art, installations and environments (as well as peripheral creative pursuits such as garden design).
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