Art Diary: Week Ending 9th March


A day spent in the garden and on odd jobs about the house (including cleaning out the under stair cupboard – I found some treasures in there!). Nothing much done of a creative nature. However I did pop out to get some canvas boards in the afternoon and worked on the computers in the evening. As it turned out the local, predominantly craft, shop didn’t have any boards so I came home with some very cheap canvases – a bit nonsensical really as I have a roll of high quality canvas in my studio (I am perhaps waiting for a larger scale work commission!).

My wife is on holiday this week, using up any days left before the end of the company year, so I don’t expect an over productive week. Because I have started a new manifestation of a Manfred Wing blog (one of several Wing avatars) I thought I would start a series of new Wing paintings – hence the expedition to get the canvas boards.


I managed what was almost a full day in my studio. I started the pencil drawing stage of four new Wing works which have the titles of THE PICNIC, THE MASK, THE DANCE and HOMAGE TO PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN GUITARS. I have a habit of sketching in the initial drawing at breakneck speed using a graphite pencil and then going over the lines more carefully with paint later – which is a rather time consuming exercise, especially if I have to redefine the lines again when I have completed adding all the paint layers. The option is to either glaze over the lines and hope they don’t smudge too much or fix the lines with medium and then wash over the entire picture – all time consuming and I still have to paint over them later. What is the simplest alternative? – do all the drawing with a paint brush and take my time!

THE PICNIC - work in progress

THE PICNIC – work in progress

THE MASK - work in progress

THE MASK – work in progress

THE DANCE - work in progress

THE DANCE – work in progress




I was out with my wife most of the day. So only a few photographs, tablet drawings and a tiny bit of writing could be considered as even moderately creative work done.


My wife had to work so I was able to get into my studio, although not until midday. I carried on sketching in the images on the four Wing works. I worked mainly on THE DANCE and HOMAGE TO PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN GUITARS but I also added more details to THE MASK. I am probably close to finishing this initial drawing stage and all being well next week I will consider going over the image lines with paint


My wife and I went out for the day. Nothing done in my studio although I did take quite a few photographs and worked on the computers briefly in the evening.


I was out visiting in the morning and like last week I decided to spend the afternoon writing and working on the computers. This is a trend that probably shouldn’t continue!


Predominantly a family day and my wife and I had the little ones all morning. I did a bit of tablet drawing from early afternoon and the usual work on the computers in the evening.


About Gerald Shepherd

Gerald Shepherd is a painter, graphic artist, sculptor, digital/multimedia artist, photographer, writer, curator and arts administrator. He has also been involved with science art, performance art, conceptual art, installations and environments (as well as peripheral creative pursuits such as garden design).
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