Art Diary: Week Ending 19th October


A rather strange day! After a few typical Sunday domestic tasks and then the pseudo-domestic job of dusting my desks and hoovering the floors of my study and studio I worked on the computers the rest of the time but did almost nothing of what I planned to do. This means writing tomorrow and not getting back to painting until Tuesday.


Absolutely all day was spent on the computers, catching up on some writing and editing others. I will probably spend a lot of time in the garden tomorrow so no painting until Wednesday now.

I want to start a couple more “white” paintings as I am not happy with how the pencil has looked after varnishing the first two – the gloss medium/varnish exacerbates the lack of uniformity in the lines. I may go over the lines on the original two works with grey paint eventually – perhaps not straight away (I will keep my options open).


I planned to paint all day (having put off any thought of gardening because of the weather) but managed to distract myself too many times to get as much done as I would have liked. After deciding to go off at a tangent with six new works last week I went off at another tangent today, starting two new canvases on which I will experiment with new approaches to picture making. I painted in the main structures on both works using acrylic paint and, for me, a relatively large brush.

Test Valley-20131016-09025

Test Valley-20131016-09026

I did also do a little initial drawing on two of the new pencil works started last week plus the usual stuff on the computers. I may not have much time to work tomorrow now though.


As I thought, not a great deal done today as I had to finally catch up with some work in the garden. However what I did do was fairly radical. I went over all the image squares on HOMAGE TO MOHENJO-DARO with white acrylic paint which made the images very hard to see, which was the effect I wanted all along. I then went over the left hand squares only on VITTORIA COLONNA – WITH AND WITHOUT: which did fit in with the title extremely well! “With And Without” originally referred to the fact that the images in the right hand squares never had any embellishments: the new effect fits the theme much better – I may pretend I meant this all along!

All this does mean that I wont now start two new “invisible drawings” or indeed go over the lines on the two above with paint. I may start a couple of Invisible Paintings however!

Everything else of a creative nature was done with a camera (read smart phone!) or computer.


I was out all morning and then my wife and I had to take two of the cats to the vets in the afternoon. I fitted more work on the six recently started pencil works around this. All the thematic or initiating images and structures are now down.

I also went over the backs of the new MDF panels with a coat of cheap vinyl paint. I don’t think the panels emit much formaldehyde these days but I thought I would do it anyway, especially as I have a small studio and the window isn’t open much during the autumn and winter months.


I got on quite well today, bearing in mind that I have felt tired all week – actually I have felt tired all year! I have probably felt tired the last ten years – or should that be forty! I worked on all six of the new pencil developmental works. I can’t remember if I have noted this before but the structures and images are developed simultaneously in these works – sometimes they even change into each other across the picture.


Typical Saturday! Odd jobs around the house, quickly followed by a brief spell in my studio painting over the backs of some small MDF pictures, then out with my wife for lunch, then cleaning out the turtle tank and finally working on the computers: writing, drawing and blogging.


About Gerald Shepherd

Gerald Shepherd is a painter, graphic artist, sculptor, digital/multimedia artist, photographer, writer, curator and arts administrator. He has also been involved with science art, performance art, conceptual art, installations and environments (as well as peripheral creative pursuits such as garden design).
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