Art Diary: Week Ending 19th April



My wife and I spent the morning with the youngest family members and then we both went out into our respective gardens – as it turned out I spent most of the afternoon in mine with little time for creative work when I finally came in. What I did do was on the computers – no surprise there of course!



A late start – completing the odd jobs I put off yesterday! – and then into my studio where I completed the main painting stage of the remaining four FRAGMENTS FROM LIFE pictures.





After this I went onto the computers to paint and write (plus the sundry other things that get in the way of painting and writing!).



I had to take the rabbit to the vet and then my wife and I went out for the day (the weather being exceptionally pleasant!) so no work done except for some photography – I was out early and the shadows were inspiring!



I was very late getting into my studio and on the spur moment decided to paint on the computers rather than paint at my easel. This may prove to be true for the entire week although I want to add the images and detailing to the FRAGMENTS FROM LIFE pictures next week – although I also want to do some work in the greenhouses!



I was out in the morning and only did a little easel painting on my return home. I did a bit of work to a highly improvisational piece THE BRIDGE DIVIDES. The panel it is painted on was once the backing board to a painting from the Nineties called by the same name. I am radically reinterpreting the theme.

THE BRIDGE DIVIDES - work in progress

THE BRIDGE DIVIDES – work in progress

After this I spent the rest of my creative day painting on the computers – I actually got a great deal done; using photographs I had taken earlier in the day as a starting point.



As it was the Good Friday holiday I didn’t spend any time in my studio although I did a couple hours of work on the computers before going out into the garden.



I spent much of the day out in the garden or with family so not a great deal of creative work except for an hour or two painting on the computer in the morning.



About Gerald Shepherd

Gerald Shepherd is a painter, graphic artist, sculptor, digital/multimedia artist, photographer, writer, curator and arts administrator. He has also been involved with science art, performance art, conceptual art, installations and environments (as well as peripheral creative pursuits such as garden design).
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8 Responses to Art Diary: Week Ending 19th April

  1. nice work Gerald, love the colours too !

    • Thank you very much! I haven’t done any more to them this week as I have either been in the garden or painting on the computer but hopefully I will finish them off next week – or some of them at least.

      • The garden needs a lot of attention at the moment, everything is growing and it is very dry….my days are too short !!!

      • I can’t keep up with mine. I want to start potting soon as the last few years I have left it too late. I have also been moving all the plants between greenhouses to make it easier to look after them and would have carried on today if it hadn’t rained all day!

      • you had rain !!!! lucky you !!! they have promised us rain for about 2 weeks now but apart from a few drops we didn’t get any although some village were flooded ! as we have sandy soil it is dust at the moment !

      • Oh dear! We were dry for a time, but not recently! We had the hardest rain I have ever seen in my life on Sunday. It came through the dowstairs ceiling let alone the roof!

      • the rain is not normal anymore, it rains very locally and it rains HARD, really HARD !!!! I hope you don’t have too much damage !

      • I think everything is fine thank you. It came through my study ceiling (which is upstairs) a lot last winter – which was probably the wettest winter we have had.

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