A Much Earlier Weekly Diary

I am a bit behind with last week’s diaries although I will post my Weekly Diary tomorrow.  In the interim here is my old diary covering last week – sorry for any confusion.



I was home in the morning and the smiling part of the afternoon. The house was shaped like an electric guitar and a column of birds ascended the central vent which in the age before robots ruled the world would have been called the chimney. During the evening I went down the darkest pit.



I was out and about in the savage mist lands almost the whole of the pump handle shaped day. All that could be detected of me was a voice coming from behind the cascading waterfall.



A good morning with the feel of a picnic cloth spread across it. I was the sower of the future at noon and at the very aerial point of the day (when the daylight was covered up by chimpanzees) Ben and I worked out how to attach a butterfly net to a warship.



A thin streak of both yesterday and tomorrow lit the morning. I nonchalantly touched the finger tips of the gigantic hand I was resting on and then wondered why the town clock had hands that moved slower than the grandfather clock on my wrist. I rose up and an island followed in my wake.



A day spent with a bird cage as a hat and a cape draped round my shoulders. Shadowman and I worked out a number of strategies to rescue Cinderella who was pressing faces onto pillow cases. In the end we decided to build a channel from a remote farmhouse to the sea.



I fluttered to town quite early, feeling like debris in the spiral machine that rests on the ground and reaches for the sky. The dinner time was spent discussing mutual ancestors with one of the cyclops and I came home in a mule train. Ben gave me an American beer when I arrived dressed as a silk moth caterpillar.



This was going to be my “dance with white draperies day” but I ended up trudging along like an old digger. I shuffled my own cards and dealt myself a deck which preoccupied my mind when I should have been just a silver flash on a knife bright morning. In the later pages of the day I found a snail shell and went to sleep in it.



About Gerald Shepherd

Gerald Shepherd is a painter, graphic artist, sculptor, digital/multimedia artist, photographer, writer, curator and arts administrator. He has also been involved with science art, performance art, conceptual art, installations and environments (as well as peripheral creative pursuits such as garden design).
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