Art Diary: Week Ending 16th August


My wife and I went out for a family meal so no art work and perhaps more pertinently no gardening done either. Typically I am behind with everything.



Not an especially productive day. I have continued with the daunting task of scanning my sketch book drawings – which incidentally were seldom studies but rather small spontaneous art works in their own write. They were once assigned to various pseudonyms (initially Manfred Wing, then Peter Rabbit White, then Simon Hattrick/Simon King and finally Peter Rabbit White again – very confusing I know but the stories I wrote about them were even more so) but have now been taken over my my other self (who was previously called Peter Black so there is a kind of symmetry developing). The new me is actually doing far more work then I am.



An uneventful day spent mostly scanning drawings – although with a lot of interruptions, some of which proved to be very time consuming.

Object In A Landscape

Object In A Landscape



Most of the day was spent scanning in graphite pencil drawings; most were from the Noughties rather than early pieces. I want to scan most of the A4 and under sketch books this month and possibly some of the loose sheets next. A2 drawings will have to be photographed and A3 will have to wait until I get an A3 scanner.



All day with the youngest members of the family. I got home and then fell asleep while they made cards with grandma. I reckon I am very out of condition (assuming I was ever in condition!). Nothing done of a creative nature done save for a little photography (done when I was running to hide or when I was running to catch up!).




I had to go out in the morning (visiting family and friends) and then painted/drew on the computer most of the afternoon. I still haven’t got much energy and could have slept all day – I reckon I need to go to the gym: or perhaps I will to walk to the convenience store at the bottom of the road and back!

The Search For Understanding - New Realisation 1

The Search For Understanding – New Realisation 1

The Search For Understanding - New Realisation 2

The Search For Understanding – New Realisation 2



I planned to do spend the day gardening as the forecast was good but ended up going shopping in the morning and cleaning the turtle tank in the afternoon. A bit of computer art after this and then a bit of blogging after watching the cricket highlights! I have perfected the art of putting things off!


About Gerald Shepherd

Gerald Shepherd is a painter, graphic artist, sculptor, digital/multimedia artist, photographer, writer, curator and arts administrator. He has also been involved with science art, performance art, conceptual art, installations and environments (as well as peripheral creative pursuits such as garden design).
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4 Responses to Art Diary: Week Ending 16th August

  1. I love the drawing : object in a landscape !

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