Art Diary: Week Ending 20th September


I did a bit of gardening (not enough) and then a little work on the computer (again not enough) and then out with my wife for the remainder of the day. This time next week we will be on the coast. I haven’t seen the sea since the Artshed gallery in New Milton closed down many years ago as I used to walk to the cliff top after delivering my paintings.

Note to myself when I get back I must find some new galleries to show my work. This year has been a bit hopeless as I have been far too absorbed with photography and digital art.



I spent the morning sorting out some of my paintings and then devoted the afternoon to writing, with the usual blogging in the evening. Not particularly exciting I know!



I was out in the morning and then sorted out some more paintings before working on the computers for the rest of the day; although I am not sure if I got a huge amount done.



This week is not going to be very productive – I am not sure if it is worth going on holiday as there are so many things to get done before you go! I manage to photograph two A2 sketch books of drawings today. They were done in 1978/1979 and the drawings were very uneven in quality. I want to get two more books photographed by the end of the week. The rest of the day was spent editing photographs and drawing on the computer.



I was out all morning and then had to tackle a series of odd jobs when I got in, some of which were art related but most had house or forthcoming holiday connections – very little actual creative work done.



I was preoccupied with all the last minute preparations for our holiday today which left very little time for work. I photographed two more A2 sketch books and then had to do them again because I accidentally deleted them on the computer while sorting out my cloud storage and then scanned some small sketch books – including one I can’t remember even doing. A little computer art in the late afternoon and a little more blogging in the early evening.



Off on holiday today (the first for ten years) so a morning of frantic plant watering and then we were away. This does mean no art for a week although I may do a bit of tablet art if I get any idle time and I will certainly take photographs! Hopefully a great many!

Milford On Sea

Milford On Sea



About Gerald Shepherd

Gerald Shepherd is a painter, graphic artist, sculptor, digital/multimedia artist, photographer, writer, curator and arts administrator. He has also been involved with science art, performance art, conceptual art, installations and environments (as well as peripheral creative pursuits such as garden design).
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